Issue 58

Issue 58 is live and lives on. Congratulations to Tamara Zbrizher, whose poem “Everyone Always Looks Mercury Retrograde in the Wrong* Light” was selected for the 2021 NJ Poets Prize by our editors. Congratulations also to Sarah Matthes and Dimitri Reyes for their Honorable Mention poems, “The Basics” and “Summer Ave.” respectively.

In lieu of our annual spring reading, we hope to feature digital content from our contributors soon. For now please enjoy Issue 58, haunted and lurid as the great state itself: Holly Day, Liza Katz Duncan, Michael T. Young, Estelle Janiec, Lois Marie Harrod, Elinor Mattern, Blake Lapin, Robert Beveridge, Florenz Cruz, Simon Perchik, Julian Koslow, Shannon Cuthbert, Richard Krohn, John Bargowski, Jonathan Greenhause, Barbara Daniels, Ilene Millman, Veronica Beatrice Walton, Shannon Donaghy, Christine Hamm, Joanna Fuhrman, Susanna Rich, and Kelly Corinda.

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